Dear ___, Sincerely ___

  1. Dear Christmas -  Who handles your PR? Sincerely, Hannukah
  2. Dear Gulf of Mexico - Sorry about that.  Sincerely, BP
  3. Dear Snowmaggedon - It's called irony.  Sincerely, Global Warming
  4. Dear OJ - What now?  Sincerely, Casey Anthony
  5. Dear United States - All your base are belong to us.  Sincerely, Iraq
  6. Dear Kate Middleton - I'm the man your man could smell like.  Sincerely, Old Spice Guy
  7. Dear Republican Party - So long, and thanks for Ronald Reagan.  Sincerely, Moderates
  8. Dear College Students - Get used to disappointment.  Sincerely, The Economy
  9. Dear Steve Jobs - Sorry, but there isn't an app for that.  Sincerely, St. Peter
  10. Dear 99% - Living in tent cities in public parks? That's why you'll never be us.  Sincerely, The 1%

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