Fun Things To Do in the Snow

In honor of the big blizzard expected to start later this afternoon (aka "Snowmaggedon," or so the weather forecasters would have us believe), here's a list of fun things you can do in the snow:
  1. Make snow angels (better yet, make a whole host of them)
  2. Build a snowman (variations: snowman army, snow family, snow animals, snow monsters)
  3. Build a snow structure (variations: fort, catle, igloo, Seven Wonders of the World)
  4. Make the world's largest snowball
  5. Create & consume a delicious snow confection (variations: snowcream, snow candy, snowshake, snownog, snowcones)
  6. Take photos of the snow
  7. Shovel someone's driveway, car or stairs, just to be nice ... or
  8. ... Earn some pocket $$ by offering your shoveling services at a price
  9. Go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, snowshooeing, snowmobiling or snowtubing
  10. Take a walk and enjoy the quiet
  11. Catch snowflakes on your tongue
  12. Shake the snow off of trees
  13. Roll down a hill, just for the fun of it
  14. Fill spray bottles (or water guns) with colored water and paint snow pictures
  15. Leave corny messages in the snow for your loved ones, family, or neighbors (ex: "I'm snow in love with you!")
  16. Using a sprinkler, turn your snowy lawn into an ice skating rink
  17. Set up a hot chocolate stand & sell the toasty beverage to your neighbors
  18. Spread birdseed & snacks for the critters
  19. Create a snow maze
  20. Make snow lanterns
  21. Play snow football or baseball - the snow adds a whole new layer of fun!

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