Movies Watched Backwards

Ever wondered what your favorite movie would look like if you watched it backwards?  Here are some of my favorites from a new perspective:
  1. Godzilla become a movie about a compassionate monster that emerges from the sea to rebuilds devastated communities, then returns to his watery home until humanity once again requires his services.
  2. 10 Little Indians/And Then There Were None becomes a story about a beautiful but desolate island that is gradually overrun by tourists.
  3. The Sound of Music becomes a story about a much-abused stepmother who makes the courageous decision to abandon her cold husband and cruel stepchildren in order to pursue her true vocation as a nun
  4. Miss Congeniality becomes a story about a former beauty queen who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as the result of an explosion at a pagaent, tragically sinking into despair, bitterness, and slovenliness.
  5. King Kong becomes the tale of a large ape who comes to regret his decadent lifestyle in the city and decides to return to a more peaceful existence on a beautiful tropical island.
  6. Sleeping Beauty becomes the tale of a prince who tragically kills the woman he loves by kissing her, until and ugly and much maligned witch brings her back to life.
  7. Zorro becomes a movie about a man who etches the letter 'N' into a variety of surfaces.  Oh, wait - that's if you watch it sideways.

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