10 Halloween Costumes Using a Doctor's Coat

For about a decade there (college and beyond), October was sure to include one or more invitations to costume parties.  Being strapped for cash, I stopped by a thrift store and picked up a doctor's coat ... then proceeded to use it in new and different ways each year thereafter.  Here are some of my favorites:
  1. Dr. Feelgood/Dr. Ruth/Sigmund Freud.  Fill the pockets with random kitchen implements and let people use their imagination.
  2. Proctologist.  Random kitchen implements also work for this one.  Add gloves.
  3. Spin Doctor.  Pin phrases such as the following to your coat: "The economy is much stronger than it was this time last year," "We only go to Hooters for the great chicken wings," and, of course, the famous/infamous "I never had sex with that woman."
  4. Dr. Seuss.  Accessorize with a "Cat in the Hat" hat and insist on answering everyone's questions in verse.
  5. Dr. Doolittle.  Stuff your pockets with stuffed animals and talk to them.
  6. Dr. Jekyll.  Accessorize with a fright mask and a flask containing dry ice.
  7. Mad Scientist (generic)/Dr. Frankenstein.  Tease your hair until it stands on end and smear your coat and face with ash, as if you recently survived an explosion.  Stuff your pockets with testtubes and bottles of odd ingredients. Look crazy.
  8. The Surgeon General of the U.S.  Fill your pockets with cigarette, green leaves in plastic baggies, fast food wrappers, dirty needles, condoms, etc.  Give advice.
  9. Madame Curie.  Smear your face, hands and coat with paint that glows in the dark.
  10. Nikolas Tesla.  String your coat with Christmas lights, powered by a battery pack in one pocket.  Tease your hair until it stands on end for that "I've been playing with electricity" look.

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