How to Create a Virtual Time Machine

Want to create a virtual time machine that can travel back to your childhood? 

STEP 1: Pick a year
STEP 2:  For that year, answer the following questions.  You can rely on memory & memorabilia, but research (whether poking through the attic or looking things up online) will help enrich/deepen the experience.

Presto!  You've created a virtual time machine journey back to that year.  Enjoy!
  1. Books you read
  2. Board games you played
  3. Non-board games you played (ex: cops & robbers, hopscotch)
  4. Toys you played with
  5. Stuffed animals you loved
  6. Sports you played or enjoyed
  7. Television shows you watched
  8. Commercials/advertising you remember
  9. Music you listened to
  10. Movies you watched
  11. The neighborhood you lived in
  12. Neighborhood events
  13. The community you lived in
  14. Community events
  15. Your relatives (the ones most immediately involved in your life)
  16. Your siblings
  17. Your friends
  18. Your pets
  19. The political situation
  20. World events
  21. Causes you supported
  22. Trends in architecture
  23. Trends in fashion
  24. Trends in hairstyles
  25. Transportation (ex: cars, bikes, big wheels)
  26. What did things cost?
  27. What school did you go to?
  28. What classes did you take?
  29. Who were your teachers?
  30. School events
  31. Family milestones
  32. Personal milestones
  33. Inside your home
  34. Household furnishings/products
  35. Outside your home (yard & beyond)
  36. Vacations
  37. Summer vacation
  38. How you celebrated Christmas
  39. How you celebrated Halloween
  40. How you celebrated [insert other memorable holiday]
  41. How you celebrated your birthday
  42. Your hobbies
  43. Your likes (not noted elsewhere)
  44. Your dislikes (not noted elsewhere)
  45. Memorable food
  46. Memorable restaurants
  47. Family traditions
  48. Cultural traditions
  49. Memorable sounds
  50. Memorable smells

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