40 Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them (Without Saying the Words)

"I love you" may be powerful words, but even more powerful are the non-verbal things you can do every day to make your loved one understand how much you care for them.
  1. Solicit their opinion
  2. Respect their opinion
  3. Help them tackle a chore you know they've been dreading
  4. Quietly polish off some of their chores, so they can relax
  5. Fix their favorite meal
  6. Wear an outfit you know they like on you
  7. Choose a movie you know they'll like, even if it's not exactly your cup of tea
  8. Make them smile/laugh
  9. Compliment them on their appearance
  10. Compliment them on something they do well
  11. Compliment them in front of someone else
  12. Compliment them to other people when they're not even there to hear it
  13. When they are on the right side of an argument, admit it gracefully
  14. If they need to relax, let them - even if it means postponing some chores or errands
  15. Don't drag them on errands they clearly won't enjoy
  16. Fix their coffee the way they like it
  17. Occassionally bring them a little gift for no reason
  18. Stuff a note in their backpack or briefcase wishing them a happy day
  19. Share stories you know they'll enjoy
  20. Keep stories to yourself that you know will unnecessarily anger or worry them
  21. Give them a hug
  22. Squeeze their hand
  23. Let them read the best part of the newspaper first (before you)
  24. Let them listen to their favorite radio station while in the car
  25. Care about what it is they do for a living
  26. Let them know you empathize with their worries/concerns
  27. Let them know what they do that makes your life better
  28. Let them know what it is they do that makes the world a better place
  29. Thank them for something they do as a matter of course
  30. Greet them with a smile, even when you're in a bad mood (assuming it's not their fault)
  31. Give them the benefit of a doubt
  32. Forgive them for something they've done
  33. Let them have the last cookie/piece of cake/piece of pizza
  34. Give them a backrub
  35. Treat the members of their family with respect, even the ones you don't like
  36. Treat their family traditions with respect, even the ones you don't agree with
  37. Spend a weekend doing something they want to do
  38. Make sure your vacation includes activities that they will find enjoyable/restful
  39. Call them up just to share a funny story or happy thought
  40. Say "good night" and kiss them before you go to bed, every night

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