20 Important Life Lessons I've Learned From Baseball

Why is baseball the Great American Game?  Could it be because baseball teaches us so many critical life lessons?
  1. Talent is important, but hard work is even more important
  2. It takes a team
  3. Sportsmanship matters
  4. You have to show up to play
  5. Some people are born to specialize; some people are born to be position players
  6. If you're right 40% of the time, you're a phenom
  7. Rookies may add excitement, but veterans are the foundation of every team
  8. Always make time for a 7th inning stretch
  9. Charge every base, even if you think they're going to throw you out
  10. The greatest achievements in life are years in the making
  11. There's always another game; what matters is how you close out the season
  12. Sometimes the only way to win is to bunt
  13. Don't let them get inside your head
  14. Cover your bases
  15. Statistics are a valuable tool, but sometimes it comes down to heart
  16. Know when to take the at-bat and when to go with a designated hitter
  17. Home runs are great, but more often it's base hits that win game
  18. Everyone plays better when they've got fans cheering for them
  19. Not all calls are going to be fair
  20. If you're going to fail, at least go down swinging

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