A Thousand Words - America's Most Studly President

Entirely without premeditation, ended up reading a whole bunch of books about TR this past year.  This meme pretty much sums up what I learned ... this guy was a STUD!   Resume included stints as a cattle rancher, deputy sheriff, police commissioner, and war hero. A crack shot in spite of being blind in his left eye (due to a boxing injury, no less!).  Skinny dipped in the Potomac River during the winter.  Departed to map a ridiculously perilous river in the Amazon basin armed only with a few books of poetry and a bottle of poison so that he could kill himself rather than be a burden to his traveling companions. Shot in the chest by a would-be assassin during a speech, he finished the speech before seeking medical attention.  For all these reasons and so many more, TR wins "Most Studly President," hands down.

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