10 Awesomely Ambiguous Pulp Magazine Covers

"WTF, guys?"
How I feel when people interrupt me when I'm trying to read.

"Hey, sweetie, I think he just stuck a knife through your hand! Here, let me get a light ...
OMG, has your hand been that deformed the whole time?"

"I'll give you  a hand a second, darling - just as soon as I put this vase back where it belongs."

"This tie is constantly obstructing my aim! I hate this mobster dress code!"

"I SERIOUSLY need to reconsider posting my dating profile on MobThrob.com"

"Like any moderately competent female, you'll notice I've taken the time to
don high heels, do my hair, and color-coordinate my harness with my dress.
Honestly, I don't know why men always insist on making this look so hard."

"I could just go and get a bandaid for this little scratch on my head, but instead
I think I'll lie here and painstakingly spell out the name of my attacker in pearls."

"Apparently you missed my performance in the talent portion of the competition,
you asshole, because for me 'fighting crime' ain't just some words on a sash!"

"Okay, guys, I'm depending on you to hold off the anti-vax, flat earth, climate change denying wackos long enough for me to publish my validated scientific findings in a peer-reviewed journal!" 

"That's it - I'm never working at a VA hospital again!"


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