40 Fun Things to Do on a Hot Summer Day

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It's a hot, sticky summer day - way too hot to think.  Why even try?  The thinking has all been done for you, so peruse the following options, pick one that appeals, and "chillax" - relief is a list away!
  1. Go to an over-airconditioned theater and watch the same movie three times in a row.
  2. Buy a kiddie wading pool, fill it with water, put on the Beach Boys, and have a pool party.
  3. Start a water balloon (or water gun) fight.
  4. See if your car's hood really does get hot enough to fry an egg.
  5. Practice your goofiest dives at the local swimming pool.
  6. Hunt down an ice cream truck - pursue one by car if necessary.
  7. Buy slurpees and deliberately give yourself brain-freeze.
  8. Run through a hose (or sprinkler) - either your own, or stalk a landscaping crew.
  9. Jump in a pond, lake, ocean, or any other naturally occuring body of water.
  10. Visit the local fire station and offer to field check their hoses for free.
  11. Wade in a stream or along the edge of a river.
  12. Go to a water park.
  13. Hang out in the frozen foods section of a grocery store.
  14. Make fruit-cicles by freezing fruit juice in ice cube trays.
  15. Make homemade ice cream.
  16. Sell lemonade or iced team to people who are as wretchedly hot as yourself. Make enough money to fly to Alaska.
  17. Play "Beau Geste" with your friends, pretending you are lost and dying in the desert.  Take turns sacrificing your lives for each other.
  18. Put on a tape of the ocean, sit back in a lounge chair, and pretend you're at the beach or on a cruise. To heighten the realism, manipulate a member of your family into bringing you chilled drinks on a tray.
  19. Put your teeshirt in the freezer before putting it on.
  20. Shove ice down the back of someone's shirt.  Hope that they will return the favor.
  21. Fill your birdbaths to the brim - if you're hot, imagine how it must feel to have feathers.
  22. Give your pet a bath - you're going to get wet anyway, so why not do it on a hot day?
  23. Fetch that snowball you froze last winter out of the freezer, top with chocolate syrup, and eat.
  24. Crunch on ice chips.
  25. Find an electric fan and point it directly at your face.
  26. Continually agitate your wind chimes so that it sounds like a windy day.
  27. Think about that dud of a boyfriend/girlfriend you almost married; sure to give you chills.
  28. Go fishing. Try to fall in the water as often as possible.
  29. Go paddleboating, canoeing, innertubing, or rafting in a convenient body of water.
  30. Read a Jack London book - you'll be grateful to be somewhere warm when you're done.
  31. Sit in your car for five minutes, then climb out: guaranteed to make the outside air temperature feel positively temperate!
  32. Frolick in a public fountain.
  33. Find an excuse to hang out at the (air conditioned) public library for a while.
  34. Freeze your food before eating it.  (Tip: Works well with fruit, sandwiches and cookies, not so well for mac and cheese.)
  35. Stand in front of the refrigerator with your forehead pressed against the door.
  36. Do a rain dance.
  37. Three words: root. beer. float.
  38. Sit under a shady tree and read a good book.
  39. Ride your bike downhill to generate a breeze. 
  40. Get in the car, turn on the air conditioning, and drive north.


  1. halarious!!!! Reading this should be on the list:) Thanks.

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  3. Ha ha ha... dying in the "desert" is a fun thing.

  4. Thank you. The other lists I've found didn't understand what I meant by "brain boilingly hot"

  5. ok thanks i will see if any of your ideas work like its so freaking hit wear i live lol