Events for Beach Olympics

Every year our family - all three generations - hit the beach for a week of relaxation and togetherness.  One favorite activity is Beach Olympics, a series of events that changes from year to year.  We do a few events each day, keep track of points, and award prizes at the end of the week, but sure this could be done other ways.  For most activities we pair really young kids with older kid/adult to keep the teams fair.  Here are some of the events we have attempted over the years - feel free to use these or make up your own!
  1. Tallest sandcastle contest
  2. Human pyramid contest (prizes for highest pyramid, pyramid that lasts longest)
  3. Most creative sandcastle contest (we have had haunted castles, princess castles, wild west castles ...)
  4. Relay races (each team member carries scoop of sand to bucket, dumps it, then returns; winner is team that fills bucket first)
  5. Crab races (carve circle in dirt, put crabs in middle; first crab to leave the rink wins)
  6. Boat races (dig channels in the sand, close enough to ocean to fill with water; use breath to waterguns to propel boats forward)
  7. Sea doggie contest (contestants stand with back to waves; last one standing wins)
  8. Beachball contest (which team can keep their beachball continuously in air for longest time)
  9. Frisbee throwing contest (prizes for length, accuracy)
  10. Deepest pit contest
  11. Buried alive contest (who can completely bury thier teammate under sand the fastest)
  12. Raft raiding contest (played in ocean; which team can take the other team's raft by force or stealth)
  13. Raft riding contest (which team can get cram most team members on a raft without falling/sinking)
  14. Worst sunburn contest
  15. Long jump contest
  16. Limbo contest
  17. tug-of-war contest
  18. Surfing contest (person able to stand on surfboard/boogieboard longest wins)
  19. Sea creature sand sculpting contest
  20. Loudest snoring contest
  21. Dodgeball contest (using beachball)
  22. Precision water gun shooting (most fun if you use cold water and a human target)
  23. Beach scavenger hunt (who finds most items in assigned time; or who finds all items first)
  24. Wheelbarrow races (funny because if you drop your partner, they land face-first in the sand!)
  25. Funniest "hot sand!" dance

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