Careers for People Who Love Theater

I understand the unemployment rate for actors is something like 85%.  Depressing!  And a little surprising, given the range of careers available to people who have the ability to make others suspend their disbelief.  I think these people must not be thinking outside of the box: those communication skills come in handy not just on the stage, but in sales, PR/advertising, public speaking, teaching, and politics!  The following list is compiled in honor of the many people in my life who abandoned careers on the board in order to pursue more "stable" careers.  It's never too late, guys!
  1. Actor - film, television, theater, local theater, advertising (venues = major theater, local/regional theater, production studios, dinner theater)
  2. Personality - anchor, commentator, talk show host, podcast host, etc.
  3. Entertainer - singer, dancer, magician, etc. (venues = local theater, cruise ships, amusement parks)
  4. Directing/producing
  5. Theater management
  6. Costumes/makeup
  7. Usher
  8. Technician - camera, lighting, audio, set design, film editing
  9. Stagehand
  10. Ticket sales/brokering
  11. Casting agent/Talent Scout
  12. Radio DJ
  13. Voice acting/voiceovers
  14. Audio book reader 
  15. Teacher/Coach - drama, public speaking, training, communications
  16. Screenwriter/Playwright
  17. Journalist/writer/critic - film, drama
  18. Historical Reenactor. 
  19. Children's Entertainer - storyteller, puppeteer, clown
  20. Public Speaking - instructional, motivational
  21. Sales
  22. PR/advertising
  23. Politics

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