20 Tips That You've Booked a Dubious Hotel

What's sad is how many of these I've draw from personal experience!
  1. Toilet has a slot for quarters
  2. Bed moves without quarters
  3. Towels stolen from other hotels
  4. Someone has written "redrum" on the bathroom mirror
  5. Gideon Bible is chained to the bedside table
  6. Roach motels have "no vacancy" signs in windows
  7. Nearest tourist attraction is "Mount Trash"
  8. Bloodstains
  9. Poorly disguised CIA surveillance vehicle in parking lot
  10. Desk clerk has creepy relationship with his mom
  11. Pay-per-view menu includes Scarface
  12. Gift store sells syringes
  13. Beds made with Batman sheets
  14. Bathroom contains complimentary bottles of shampoo, lotion, bleach
  15. Car mirror "tree" deodorizer hanging from TV arial
  16. Rotary phone with "9" missing
  17. Brochures for local bailbondmen in front lobby
  18. Dust turns out to be fingerprint powder
  19. Only fresh oxygen is coming from mildew in bathroom
  20. Local ghost tour passes right beneath your window

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