1. President Theodore Roosevelt was the first honorary vice president of BSA
  2. First Boys Life magazine was published in 1912
  3. First World Jamboree was in 1920
  4. Cub Scouting (i.e., boy scouting for younger boys) was started in 1930. The first Cub Scout ranks were Wolf, Bear & Lion. (Lion rank was changed to Webelos rank in 1967.)
  5. "Den Mothers" were first authorized to run cub scout dens in 1936. But it wasn't until 1976 that they were allowed to become Cubmasters and Assistant Cubmasters
  6. The first Blue & Gold banquet was held in 1943
  7. The actual birthday of scouting in the United States is February 8, 1910.
  8. "Cub Scouting" was called "Cubbing" before 1945
  9. Separate cub books for Wolf, Bear & Lion ranks were first issued in 1930
  10. The first official Pinewood Derby was run in 1955
  11. National Summertime Award was created in 1964 to encourage year-round Cub Scouting
  12. The first Cub Scout promise was "to be square." After 1971, it was changed to "to help other people."
  13. Tiger Cub dens were created in 1982 to provide a scouting program for boys 1st graders.
  14. The Scouting for Food national Good Turn project was introduced in 1988
  15. In Baden Powell's original Scouting for Boys handbook, scouts were divided into Wolf Cubs, Scouts, and Rovers
  16. Baden-Powell was in favor of including girls in his scouting program, but was pressured into excluding them by the Victorian Establishment of his time, who were afraid that scouting would "coarsen" young woman.
  17. Scouting is now in all but five countries in the world: China, Cuba, Manymar (formerly Burma), North Korea and Turkmenistan
  18. In England, Tiger Scouts are known as Beaver Scouts
  19. Once boy scouting was established in the United States, it quickly absorbed other organizations for boys such as the Woodcraft Indians, Boy Pioneers, Boy Ranges and Sons of Daniel Boone
  20. Norman Rockwell, the man who painted so many wonderful images of boy scouts, was himself a boy scout
  21. Since its founding, Cub Scouting has enrolled over 50 million boys

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