15+ Important Life Lessons I Learned in Kindergarden

The other day I was cutting/pasting text into a document, and found myself joking to someone over my shoulder: "If I'd known how important cutting and pasting were going to be, I would have paid more attention in kindergarten."

There you have it: the inspiration for this list of some of the other important life lessons we learn in kindergarden - but only if we're paying attention.
  1. Always take time to look at the pictures
  2. Show and tell is a skill you'll use the rest of your life
  3. The "buddy system" works
  4. Learn to draw now; it's your last chance
  5. You'll never know what paste tastes like unless you try it
  6. They wouldn't have put 64 colors in the box if you weren't meant to use them all
  7. Afternoon naps are a wonderful thing
  8. Never be afraid to get dirty
  9. Magic is limited only by imagination
  10. Always build time for recess into your day
  11. Given enough blocks, you can build anything
  12. No one ever got punished for coloring outside the lines
  13. Everyone needs a cubby to call their own
  14. Clean up after yourself
  15. Sharing is caring
  16. The world is full of wonder; you just have to open your eyes and look for it

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