Great Titles for Country Songs

Just spent an afternoon driving through the heartland of Virginia, home of tobacco fields, wild turkeys, and country music radio stations.  Having nothing better to do, husband and I started inventing names for non-existent country songs we've love to hear.  Sometimes we even invented refrains.  (It was a long drive.)

What's funny is that no matter how awful our ideas, none of them - based on what we heard during the course of our outing, to included such catchy ditties as "Save a Horse/Ride a Cowboy" - seem actually beyond the realm of possibility.  For all we know, some of them may already exist.  A sense of humor is just one of the many things that makes country music great.
  1. Jesus Knows That I Was Just Kiddin'.  REFRAIN: I'm tired of being blamed, I'm tired of being ridden/Jesus knows that I was just kiddin'!
  2. One Beer Away From Forgetting You.  REFRAIN: I'm gonna make it past, I'm gonna make it through/ I'm just one beer away from forgettin' you.
  3. My Best Friends are Dogs.  REFRAIN: A best friend loves you for no other cause/ That's why all my best friends are dogs.
  4. Chicken Fried Heart. 
  5. You Had Me at "Y'All"
  6. You Blow Me Away (Like a Tornado in a Trailor Park)
  7. I Like 'Em Big and Kind of Stupid.  REFRAIN: I'm done with the smart ones; are you listening, Cupid?/ Bring me a man who's big and kind of stupid
  8. Halter Tops in Heaven
  9. We Go Together Like Biscuits and Gravy
  10. She Line-Danced Her Way Into My Heart.  REFRAIN: She's sashayed past my guard, she really knows her part/ That girl's line-danced her way straight into my heart
  11. Scrapin' You Off My Boots
  12. Our Redneck Rendezvous.  REFRAIN: You bring the pickup truck, I'll bring the brew/ We'll have a great time at our Redneck Rendezvous.
  13. Can't Anybody Tell Me What I Did Last Night?  REFRAIN: There's an ace in my bra and my hair is a fright/ Can't anybody tell me what I did last night?

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