My 40+ Favorite Sounds

Some sounds you love because they're gentle or pleasant.  Some you love because they evoke a particular mood.  Some you love because they trigger a special memory.  Below, in no particular order, are some of my all-time favorites.  If you're like most people, just reading each item on the list will trigger so many memories, you'll feel like you're travelling through time and space to all your happiest places.  I hope these make you smile as much as they do me!
  1. The crack of a baseball bat
  2. Cheering at a little league baseball game
  3. The sound of a high school announcer at a football game
  4. Whippoorwills
  5. Peeper frogs
  6. Snow falling/snow crunching
  7. rustling/crunching leaves
  8. children laughing
  9. a marching band
  10. crickets
  11. thunder
  12. rain falling on a tin roof
  13. babies giggling
  14. crackling campfire
  15. horses footsteps on cobblestones
  16. a stream running over rocks
  17. waves crashing on a beach
  18. wind chimes
  19. fireworks exploding
  20. a distant train calling
  21. wind rustling through tree limbs
  22. a golf ball falling into the hole
  23. bacon frying
  24. the whirr of a fan on a hot day
  25. tractors plowing distant fields
  26. waterfalls
  27. church bells on Sunday
  28. the musical sound of an approaching ice cream truck
  29. distant foghorns
  30. insects buzzing in a meadow
  31. owls
  32. kids splashing in a pool
  33. jingle bells on a sled
  34. street musicians
  35. splashing puddles
  36. organ music at baseball games
  37. my car thumping over a cement road laid in segments
  38. crunching gravel
  39. chicks peeping
  40. fountains
  41. tumbling dice
  42. drum lines
  43. jump ropes
What have I missed? Add your own favorites sounds below!

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