Great Fundraising Ideas - SERVICES

Can't count the number of fundraisers I've been in charge of since becoming a mom. I've raised funds for schools, scouts, sports, communities, and folks in need. Over time I've compiled a pretty comprehensive list of fundraising ideas, some culled from other sources, some original.

I've organized my ideas into categories (Events; Services; Things You Can Sell; Merchant Teaming; Seasonal/Holiday), each of which I'll address in a separate blog entry.  

Today's blog entry is devoted to SERVICES.  Selling services can be a great fundraiser because primary expense is human capital, so you get to keep ~100% of what you make. To maximize profit, pick something that you can charge a lot for (yardwork), or that you can repeat throughout the year (babysitting/parents night out), or that folks will pay not to have to do themselves (gift wrapping).
  1. Babysitting/ parents night out
  2. Event support. Theaters, festivals/fairs, stadiums, parks, conference centers, seasonal events like Festival of Lights, Egg Roll or Pumpkin Patch, etc. -- OR some major venues have established programs where they recruit local non-profit organizations to staff various functions in return for sizable donation.
  3. Car wash
  4. Shoeshines
  5. Gift wrapping
  6. Singing telegrams
  7. Yardwork. Spreading mulch, raking, mowing.
  8.  Delivery service. Deliver pizzas during the Superbowl, or flowers on Valentines Day, or special gift mugs on Administrative Assistant Day.
  9. Concession sales.  Sell concessions at sporting events, community events, shows, etc.  Sell popcorn, cotton candy at fairs and parades.  Sell warm things at cold events/cold things at warm events
  10. Customized artwork - caricatures, customized pictures (homes, children, pets)
Check out my other fundraising blog entries for yet more ideas ...!

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