Great Fundraising Ideas- EVENTS

Can't count the number of fundraisers I've been in charge of since becoming a mom.  I've raised funds for schools, scouts, sports, communities, and folks in need.  Over time I've compiled a pretty comprehensive list of fundraising ideas, some culled from other sources, some original. 

I've organized my ideas into categories (Events; Services; Things You Can Sell; Merchant Teaming; Seasonal/Holiday) each of which are addressed in a separate blog entry.

Today's blog entry is devoted to EVENTS.  You make money from events by charging admission or selling tickets.
  1. runs (fun runs, races, marathons)
  2. bike rides (fun rides, races, scenic)
  3. golf tournament
  4. basketball game (dunk contest; donkey basketball)
  5. baseball/softball game
  6. football (punt/pass/kick competition; powderpuff; flag)
  7. soccer kickoff
  8. fishing tournament
  9. boat race (canoe race, cardboard boat race)
  1. Bowl-a-thon
  2. Dance-a-thon
  3. Read-a-thon
  4. bat-a-thon (baseball)
  5. Goal-a-thon (soccer)
  1. Bingo Night
  2. Las Vegas night.
  3. Fun fair/carnival
  4. Cook-off (chili cookoff, BBQ cookoff, dessert cookoff)  
  5. Game show tournament (Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire)
  6. Reality show tournament (Survivor, Fear Factor, Great Race)
  7. Board game-inspired tournament (chess, checkers, Monopoly)
  8. Movie night (family movie night, fright night, movies for lovers night)
  9. “Special” Olympics (broom toss, egg relay, human pyramid building, etc.)
  1. Science Fair
  2. Spelling Bee
  3. Geography Bee
  4. Quiz show tournament (Jeopardy, It's Academic, Are You Smarter than an xxth Grader, "Brain Bowl")  
  5. Egg drop
  6. Pumpkin hurling
SHOWS. Charge admission or pair with food and bill as "Dinner and a Show"
  1. Mystery dinner theater
  2. Talent show
  3. Battle of the Bands
  4. American Idol-type event
  5. Step-off (step teams)
  6. Concert – choral, band, orchestra, individual performances, etc.
  7. Theatrical performance – single show, one act play festival, broadway review, vaudeville show, Shakespeare festival
  8. Comedy/improv
  9. Hired entertainer (magician, comedian, hypnotist)
  10. Art show
  11. Poetry reading
  1. Banquet/theme banquet (sports banquet, recognition banquet, luau banquet, Night Under the Stars banquet)
  2. Pancake breakfast. Especially effective if scheduled in conjunction with a proceeding event
  3. Spaghetti dinner
  4. Multicultural potluck dinner
  5. Restaurant-catered dinner
  6. Ice cream social
  7. Box social
  1. Bake sale
  2. Craft sale
  3. Yard sale/white elephant sale
  4. Auction/silent auction
  5. Raffle
  6. Used book trade/sale
  1. Parent’s night out/babysitting
  2. Tutoring
  3. Dance
  4. Child safety day (bike inspection, child ID cards, stop/drop/roll games, child seat inspections, etc.)
  5. Group trip to sporting event
FACILITY RENTAL. Rent a facility & then sell tickets at a markup. To make the event more memorable, consider adding games, contests, food, etc.
  1. Bowling party
  2. Ice/roller skating party
  3. Pool party
  4. Paintball/lazer tag party
Check out my other fundraiser blog entries for yet more ideas ...!

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