Great Fundraising Ideas - SEASONAL/HOLIDAY

Can't count the number of fundraisers I've been in charge of since becoming a mom. I've raised funds for schools, scouts, sports, communities, and folks in need. Over time I've compiled a pretty comprehensive list of fundraising ideas, some culled from other sources, some original.

I've organized my ideas into categories (Events; Services; Things You Can Sell; Merchant Teaming; Seasonal/Holiday), each of which is addressed in a separate blog entry.

Seasonal/Holiday Fundraisers

New Years Day
  1. Sell calendars. (Pictures can be general or specific to your organization/cause. Funny calendars sell especially well!)
  2. Sell souvenir “The Year that Was” booklets. (Information can be general or specific to your organization/cause. People love keepsakes!) 
 Valentines Day/Mothers Day/Fathers Day
  1. Sponsor a dance (Valentines Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother’s Day Dance)
  2. Sell carnations or flowers
  3. Sell candy (especially candies with a "love" theme, like kisses or conversation hearts)
  4. Sell singing telegrams
  5. Create and sell gift baskets. (For best results, offer a selection: romance basket, mom basket, dad basket, teen basket, kid basket, baby basket, friend basket)
  1. Sell Easter baskets (empty or pre-stuffed)
  2. Sponsor an egg hunt or egg roll
  3. Sell hams, pies
  1. Sell anything that can be signed. (Ideas: picture mattes, autograph albums, stuffed animals with signable surfaces, photo albums with signable covers)
  2. Create & sell memories booklets or CDs. (Include pictures, interviews, lists, etc.)
4th of July
  1. Sell flags, pin-on ribbons, other patriotic merchandise
  2. Compile and sell CD of patriotic music (collected from public sources or performed by a musical group affiliated with your organization)
  3. Create and sell booklet about history of your organization/community/county/state
  1. Sell wreaths
  2. Create and sell cornucopias stuffed with seasonal goodies
  3. Sell seasonal foodstuffs: apples, pies, breads, turkeys/hams
  4. Offer raking/leaf blowing services
  1. Host a haunted house/maze/classroom/woods/garden
  2. Create a pumpkin patch (sell pumpkins; provide seasonal diversions like hay mazes, pony rides, pumpkin bowling, etc.)
  3. Host a pumpkin carving/decorating contest
  4. Offer hayrides
  1. Sell trees, wreathes, or poinsettia
  2. Sell ornaments (White House, other organization, homemade)
  3. Sponsor a holiday bake sale
  4. Offer giftwrapping services (you can work inside a store or station yourself in the middle of a shopping mall)
  5. Carol for donations; or, "sell" songs in advance
  6. Sell hot chocolate at tree lots, outdoor shopping malls, winter parades or other locations where people are likely to be cold
  7. Host holiday craft workshops for kids or adults.  (For an admission fee, attendees get to create one or more crafts to take home with them.  Great for kids who need to make presents for relatives!)
See my other fundraiser blog entries for yet more ideas ...!

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