Great Fundraising Ideas - MERCHANT TEAMING

Can't count the number of fundraisers I've been in charge of since becoming a mom. I've raised funds for schools, scouts, sports, communities, and folks in need. Over time I've compiled a pretty comprehensive list of fundraising ideas, some culled from other sources, some original.

I've organized my ideas into categories (Events; Services; Things You Can Sell; Merchant Teaming; Seasonal/Holiday), each of which I discuss in a separate blog entry.

Without further ado, here's a list of fundraisers that involve  teaming with merchants or corporate scholarships.

Merchant Teaming
  1. Scrip/gift cards
  2. Rebate programs
  3. Coupon books & discount cards
  4. Entertainment books
  5. Discount cards
  6. Preferred shopping events
  7. Preferred dining events
  8. Restaurant-catered dinner
  9. Outright donation
Corporate sponsorships
  1. Sell advertising in one of your organization’s products. 
  2. Place company ad in program, yearbook, or directory. 
  3. Place company name/logo on event-related teeshirts, posters, flyers, websites, tickets, etc. 
  4. Place company sign/banner in local venue (gym, hall, cafeteria)
  5. Company employees get to participate in event (ex: judges at science fair)
Matching grants/challenges. Some big companies (especially those with headquarters in your community) will match funds that non-profit organizations raise in other ways.

Check out my other fundraising blog entries for more ideas!

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